Sushi Hana


5 North Fullerton Ave. | Montclair, NJ


Sushi Hana opened as one of the first Japanese restaurants in Montclair and is thriving 15 years later. Their mission remains unchanged: to provide excellent food at reasonable prices in the heart of Montclair Center.

Chef Tony brings over 20 years of experience preparing both traditional sushi as well as eclectic rolls of his own invention and he is legendary when it comes to both craft and cleanliness. He has also been known to consider customer suggestions to create fanciful rolls.

Chef Irene is the head chef in the kitchen and oversees the fusion menu pairing traditional Japanese cuisine with other international influences resulting in a unique culinary experience for every guest.

Experiencing the imaginative dishes at Sushi Hana makes it obvious why this restaurant has established itself as a local favorite since its 1999 opening.