Montclair Farmers Market


Walnut Street train station


The Montclair Farmers’ Market is in its 21st season, coming to the Walunt Train Station parking every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The market runs all summer and through the fall until Thanksgiving.

All five of our familiar farmers – Tree-Licious Orchards, Sunden Farms, Vacchiano’s, Matarazzo’s, and Farmer John (the organic grower) – return this season with their fresh produce, often picked within 24 hours.

The market also boasts over a dozen delicious food artisans, such as our local Bread Company, a cheese maker, a seafood fishmonger, a beekeeper with honey (and wax candles), a specialty condiments purveyor, a pesto maker, and a pickler.

Close To You

This market the popular Saturday morning meeting place for hundreds of residents, visitors, families and friends who enjoy not only the healthy, tasty food, but also a tangible sense of community due to the presence of the farmers, neighbors, chef-prepared food tastings, non-profit info/display tables, and musical entertainment.

Being able to speak directly to the person who actually cultivated the fields, planted the seeds, and harvested the crops in order to grow and sell you the food you will prepare for your own table is a lost commodity in America, but it lives on at Montclair’s Farmers’ Market.

Food for Thought:

The many health benefits of eating more plant-based foods, especially fresh locally-grown produce, are prescribed everywhere.

Shopping at farmers’ markets also supports family farmers, preserves farmland in the Garden State, and keeps food dollars in our regional economy.

And, it is more environmentally sustainable, because foods which travel shorter distances from field to table usually need less pesticides to grow, less preservatives for supermarket shelf-life, and require much less energy for transportation and refrigeration.

Growing your own food at home is always the best option for all who can do so. The next best thing is buying fresh, delicious produce grown locally by family farmers.

For further information, please contact Montclair Farmers’ Market Steering Committee Chair Steve Schuckman at (973) 228-2466, or, the Township’s Sustainability Officer Gray Russell at (973) 509-5721.

I really appreciate meeting the persons who grow the food that I buy. I feel a connectiness in buying locally grown food from the farmers. I really enjoy Starbrite Farms, an organic farm, and speaking with John and Matt. I also enjoy TreeLicious Farms, which is not organic, but still sells great fruits, vegetables, and baked goods as well as some of the best apple cider around and having the chance to speak with Ginger and Eva. Also, The Bread Company of Montclair is out there selling organic baked goods. Montclair has a really great Farmers' Market. -Bert M./via I like supporting the farmers and their staff. Everyone is friendly and the food is excellent. -Terri G./via