Here’s to Mayors who run their
towns like businesses.


As we have mentioned before, we created Vidoovy to help revitalize local communities through affordable video marketing. By bringing Madison Avenue level advertising to Main Street we will reroute business traffic from malls and big box stores back to the heart of our town centers. With this goal in mind we are constantly asking ourselves what technologies and practices can we adopt so that more mom and pop businesses can afford our promo videos and SEO services.

But as we travel from town to town across Northern New Jersey and Southern New York producing and distributing online videos for small businesses we have discovered that there are amazing people and organizations in many towns doing the same sort of thing. Rethinking how the towns themselves operate. They are busy researching the latest technological innovations that might reduce overhead and improve efficiency. These people have become our biggest inspiration and we wanted to take this opportunity give them some well deserved recognition.

When you watch these organizations in action; from the New Jersey League of Municipalities to those on the front lines like local Municipal Governments, Chambers of Commerce and Downtown Business Alliances; you see hundreds and hundreds of talented people getting us out of the tough spot we are in through innovative thinking and hard work.

From Mayor Robert Parisi of West Orange calling open meetings to solicit cutting edge marketing and technological efficiency ideas from people in the private sector to Mayor Scott M. Alexander of Haddon Heights who has fully embraced the fact that his Borough is like a business competing with surrounding towns for market share; we see a new, innovative spirit taking hold.

Here is a link to Mayor Alexander’s article in the November issue of New Jersey Municipalities Magazine titled, “How to Govern Your Town Like a Business” where he talks about how he applies business strategies like Operational Efficiency to increasing his Borough’s attractiveness to potential residents and new businesses.

So while the average citizen is still facing difficulties during this economic upheaval we find great hope in these people and organizations. It is through their distinctly American, innovative spirit that we will develop leaner, more efficient Governance practices and come out of this chapter of our country’s history even stronger than we were before.

And lastly, given that these organizations are so careful to only contract with resources that will deliver tremendous ROI, we are proud to say that Vidoovy is one of the innovations they are taking advantage of. The Downtown West Orange Alliance recently voted to approve a grant program that will help their members create a Vidoovy online video ad for their business.

By the way, the next time you run into your Municipal Leaders, local Chamber heads or Downtown Alliance board members take a minute to thank them for all their hard work. From what I’ve seen it seems like they miss a lot of family dinners doing what they do.

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towns like businesses.

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