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God’s way of letting small businesses know how much he loves them.

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Every once in a while during my years developing big budget commercials a friend who owned a small business would ask what I could do to help them attract customers.

My answer was always, “Not much.”

This was for two reasons. First, the production costs for the commercials we created were well beyond the reach of most small businesses. And, second, because most small businesses serve a very small area both geographically and demographically, it was pretty much impossible to reach their target through traditional broadcast or cable media without a tremendous amount of wasted dollars.

That was then, this is now.

The issue of production costs has been greatly diminished through the advent of inexpensive digital SLR cameras that shoot video with image quality approaching that of film.

And when it comes to delivering these online video ads there are now great, free platforms that every small business should take advantage of. You probably already know the popular web video hosting sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and Yahoo! Video but now we have Google Places as well. Probably the most important free online marketing tool available to small businesses.

I cannot overstate the revolution all of this is creating. Small businesses now have the potential to challenge even their largest competitors by inserting their online video ad into the internet search process of potential customers for free. This is when these prospects effectively have one hand on their wallet and are ready to spend.

So, please, get your business listed on Google Places. It is a free, simple process that you can learn more about by reading this link.

or watching this video:

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